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Optimal Wordpress Robots Generator

On this page you will find a generator to create the optimal Wordpress robots.txt generator. This can be further tweaked by you, of course, should you decide to customize it, but the general consensus is that the robots.txt file this tool creates is optimal.



Optimal WordPress robots.txt File:




Add the full URL to your sitemap.xml file.

  • Replace the URL in the text area above with your sitemap's URL or delete it entirely.


Saving your robots.txt file

  • After you generate your robots.txt code, simply copy the text that appears in the code-box and save it as a file named: robots.txt


Uploading your robots.txt file

  • Then you must upload it to your ROOT directory. Search engines will automatically look for a file named robots.txt stored in your site's root folder, if they do not find one, then they look at individual pages. You may also add meta robots tags to your individual pages for additional tweaking. Visit a meta tag generator to create meta robots tags.


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